About The Trolley

Make a grand entrance to your wedding or event with the ringing of the old fashioned trolley bell.  By adding this brilliant piece of nostalgia to your day, guests will feel the glamour of your elegant affair.   The Village Trolley is more than transportation … We make your time on the Trolley an experience you and your Wedding Party will treasure.

Weddings are our specialty!

Our Trolley will provide you peace of mind and an opportunity to travel safely with your entire Wedding Party for a carefree festive celebration.  Customize your wedding day travel itinerary to fit your plans.  Your wedding transportation package will accommodate all of your creative needs and…

make your day simple and safe.

This Classic Trolley will add Elegance to your Magical Day

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Our Trolley is a replica of a turn of the century trolley and it was custom built. The Trolley is amazingly well maintained and we take pride in providing personalized decorations for every event.  It has beautiful red oak interior and a classic red and green exterior.  This elegant carriage is adorned with etched glass embellished windows.  To accommodate wedding parties the back seating is turned sideways to create an intimate area for the Bride and Groom to relax and enjoy a spacious area perfect for on board pictures.  Photographers can capture an amazing sunrise, sunset or landscape framed behind the Bride and Groom through the large bay window area.

Although the trolley features turn of the century Victorian detailing it is equipped with modern conveniences; we provide air conditioning and heat for a comfortable controlled environment.

Music can be provided via your own IPOD or IPhone play list, CD’s or we can provide music.

The Trolley is the perfect vehicle for many events such as Weddings, Prom, Homecoming, Family Reunions, Sporting Events and Corporate Functions.  It will comfortably accommodate up to 34 passengers. In addition to a Driver all of our events have a Trolley Hostess to assist the driver by keeping your event on schedule and to help with any accommodations our passengers may need.  This allows our drivers to focus on their main priority, safely driving the Trolley.

Our Trolley will arrive with the interior beautifully decorated in the colors or theme of your special event.  On the side of the Trolley we provide a personalized sign for the celebrants.  Guest are welcome to have snacks and drinks on board and there is even space to transport  coolers.  Once on board the Trolley is a place for guests to “Relax” and make sweet memories…

  During the summer of 2012 on a Friday, after a long busy week in the office I made a statement…

“I want to buy a Trolley and drive around with happy people on board”

Who says they want to buy a Trolley and drive happy people around? 

Two days later on a Sunday while driving down the road I saw a Trolley with a “For Sale” sign.  I knew that was my God Wink!  I now own a Trolley and I love to see happy people on board!  My promise to you is that I always make sure that all passengers on board  are:

  Relaxed ,Feeling Happy and Making Great Memories!

We would love to be a part of your special day


I Love My Trolley!